There are so many choices of food supplement brands available in the market, but only those of Sea-Quill are made from the combination of natural ingredients and human technology, created to improve your health, vitality and physical well being through high quality products. Before Sea-Quill products are ready for your consumption, they have passed strict production procedures to ensure highest quality.


Only the best natural raw material ingredients from all over the world are used for Sea-Quill products. They are derived from organic plants that are free of pesticides, chemical fertilizer and non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). Every ingredient has to pass the tests on purity, effectiveness, freshness, safety and active constituent level in the in-house laboratories, involving microbiology analysis and test. To get the active component specifications from high quality ingredients, various highly sophisticated method of analysis are used such as HPLC,GC,AA,NIR,UV-VIS,LS,RI,FTIR,TLC scan, GF and Polarimeter in order to make sure that the content is effective to the body.


Sea-Quill products are manufactured using state-of-the-art facility in Florida and Georgia, USA, which is on the area of 130,000 square feet. The facility is specially designed to meet pharmaceutical standard. Fully automated and computerized devices using the current technology, is used to meet cGMP standard (current Good Manufacturing Practice). Every facility is protected by computerized weather system. The factory environment is also automatically controlled to avoid physical and biological pollution. All facilities and procedures are strictly evaluated by FDA every year.


From the beginning, quality is the upmost priority for Sea-Quill. Strict control is imposed from the moment the ingredients are received, tested and analyzed, then tested again before, during and after production, packing till delivery, all of which are going through the twenty six procedural steps monitored closely by Quality Control team from Sea-Quill.


To cross check on all production and specification steps, Quality Assurance (QA) is conducted. The QA team also monitors the procedures on the tools calibration to ensure their accuracy. The end products will not be marketed before being approved by QA. In addition, Sea-Quill also issues Certificate of Analysis for every product to ensure purity in its nutraceutical contents. It is collaborate with a neutral third party company to get Independent Laboratory Assay.


Some components are the latest invention on food supplement world and had been patented because they are proven to have more obvious and effective result than similar ones. The usefulness and synergy of combination of various components in one product were tested in multi-center institutes across the world.


The herbal ingredients used are processes using Technology of Standardized Herbal Extract (TSHE), which guarantees that the active ingredients contents are the same as those used in the analysis and clinical tests performed by scientist around the world and standardized to have the same amount of active ingrediants extract from batch to batch. For your health, Sea-Quill products do not contain sucrose, salt, preservatives and artificial flavors. We offer Money Back Guarantee on the purity, freshness and active ingredients effectiveness as listed on the labels. Some products are using vegetarian capsules, those that do not contain animal products and alcohol, are processed without animal and alcohol contents, and do not use machines which are used to process animal and alcohol products. This process is confirmed by "HALAL" certificate issued by Islamic Service, USA. Some products are manufactured by Time Released System or Periodic Released which ensures that they are dispersing according to our body's needs.